About me

Where to begin.  

My name's Dawn I'm a forty something book lover from Leicestershire.  

There's many things in life I'm hopeless at - I can't sew, I can't bake, I'm not crafty but, I can read, I'm good at that.  I have an interest in drama and family history but my great love is a big, fat, book - the thicker the better.

I began reading in earnest as a small child, whilst my friends all went to ballet and gym classes I read.  As a teenager, whilst my friends all went shopping and to the cinema I read. As an adult, whilst my friends bake and sew I read.

I'm a member of a local drama group and a member of WDG Reads a book group set up by a friend - it's frequented mainly by wine drinking, cake eating women who sometimes chat about the books we read :-)

The book group has widened my reading material from mainly chic lit. Reading books that I previously wouldn't have tried. Sometimes they're good and I find a new author  and occasionally they are terrible!!  One thing is consistent though if I start a book I have to finish it, no matter what. But, the best bit is getting together with like minded people , sharing our passion - books!  

My daughter bought me a kindle two years ago because she used to laugh at me trying to pack for a holiday - throwing the clothes out to make way for the books.  A typical two week holiday would need 14 books!!  I do love my kindle it goes everywhere with me but it can never replace the feeling of picking up a new book. Stroking the cover repeatedly and reading it with the book barely open so I don't crease the spine.  I can accept I'm a little weird.

I'm never without a book in my bag or my kindle - usually both! and I usually read two or three books a week. A friend said to me, 'you're always reading why don't you start a blog for reviews and pass on your passion for books?' 

So, here I am.